Most likely the best way to give


By coming to this website you have shown an interest in what is by many standards the best way to give to charity, a legacy in your will. It is certainly the most effective. Legacies to charity transform the lives of men, women and children who just need a helping hand.

How to use this website

You may have been thinking about leaving a legacy to charity for a long time, but not got around to it. If so, you are not alone. Why not start by looking at What have I got to leave? You could print off a copy and then sit down with a cup of tea and a pen and work out roughly what you have. It may surprise you.

Most charities assume you are going to leave most of what you have to your family and friends, but imagine what your favourite charity could do with, say, just 5% of it.

I worked on legacies with two major charities for more than 25 years. I discovered how and why people leave legacies to charity, and saw what wonderful differences these legacies made to the lives of people the two charities were working with.

Legacies can help virtually all charities. They help people to teach theatrical skills; give carers a break; run art galleries; save endangered animals; find cures for diseases; teach new skills; support mission work, and much, much more.

Legacies to charity make the world a better place for our children and grand-children.

Always consult a solicitor when making a will.

Wise’s Whimsical Wills
Mr Gee and his friend Charles spent many hours drinking their way through Mr Gee’s fine cellar of malt whisky. When Mr Gee died, he left his remaining whisky to Charles, with the quip, „He drank most of it while I was alive, so he may as well finish it off now.